Song of the Warrior Poet

author’s note: it’s been awhile since last I wrote. Finally I started looking to those I know and drawing inspiration from them. Enjoy

This life is full of people who don’t know why they smile and say hello. The same conversation repeated over and again among the ranks of adults all the way “til death. Little variation and little motivation to change. A rhythmic beat to which society marches. Though occasionally we meet someone different, someone with the spark of madness. These are those who have something to say and the passion to act instead of just talk. These the fighters who stand up, not to be counted, but rather to take a stand. These the orators who speak with the elegance of an ancient philosopher. mesmerized¬† by their words, we draw to them as if they were gurus. When really they’re just us if only we had the courage to be more outspoken and driven. They live the lives we dream of, giving us something to strive towards. And they, they are the ones who will lead us, modern day warrior-poets.

Peace, Love, and Happiness…




To the Last

Author’s note: This is another post in my collection of micro fiction. I write these pieces to remind myself that I really need to work on my dialogue skills…

After spending the last of his energy. Having fought to the best of his ability. All that remained was to wait. Though not for long, a dull sound rising in his ears. A combination of the pounding in his chest, and the tread of his enemies approaching. “I know that sound,” he whispers. No doubt in his mind of the battle soon to occur. No doubt that he would raise his weapon one last time. Never forgetting why he began. The ideals he stands for need a champion to the last. To go quietly was never an option, death too must be earned it seems. Struggling to his he squares his shoulders, “They know who I am. Let them come if they have the courage.”

Peace, Love, and Happiness…


character development #9

Author’s note: I like to pretend that at some point I could write decent fiction, and so I occasionally dabble in imagining my characters…

There is a man they speak of, a mystery even to himself. He is a paradox. The more you meet him the less you know him. Given a multitude of names, he is many things to many people. A gentleman and a scholar. The warrior and the peacekeeper.aa Sophisticated yet course. Young and old. He is an outspoken hermit. Capable of shattering empires by his words, though rarely uttering a syllable. Terrifying to behold though his heart burns with compassion. Legend pursues him “Immortal!” they accuse him on the battlefield. He the first to correct. “I am entirely a man,” he states. Just trying to live the life he’s been given.

Peace, Love and Happiness…