Before the Tempest

Stand on the verge of the precipice

Prepare for what is to come.

In my heart I hope that I am ready

a storm rising in the West,

a wind in the valley below,

the results of a tumultuous spring

Again waging the revolution of life.

See the crash of light,

and the Fearsome dance goes on,

the inevitable Fight of time

Immovable forces forever tumble in the night

the risk is real, exposed as I am

unnoticeable to the tempest

Still I remain, standing here

taunting the beasts I face

“Is that all you can do?!”

Peace, Love, and Happiness…



Be Still


Sit here and listen with me for awhile. What is there to be heard? From the other side of the hill a cow is lowing. Above the devil’s cross roars across the blue sky. Down here below the wind wisps gently over the hill I’m sitting on, the last few dead leaves rustling in the tree line. There is a crash as a dead limb falls to the ground. A squirrel chatters at me from the brush. And an owl hoots from high up in some tree. In the distance I hear the sound of a tractor as a farmer prepares his field for the spring planting. Then this little song bird lands on the rock beside me calling out. He seems to beckon his comrades home from their winter’s flight. And if you listen carefully on this cool February afternoon, you can hear God at work in his creation. So, what do you hear?

Peace, Love, and Happiness…