Speaking of Procrastination

an empty list

an empty list

So I was sitting in class a few weeks ago and had a brilliant idea for a quick blog post. That was when I jotted down what you see above. But of course I realized that I should probably pay attention to what my instructor was saying. Hilariously enough I promptly forgot about this little post buried a few pages deep in my notes. That is until I was sitting at my desk the other night writing and talking to my brother. And when I found my unfinished list we just laughed. In reality #1 on that list probably would have been “never, ever procrastinate.” It might just be me, but I find humor in these musings of life.

It reminded me of when I was almost finished with the paperwork for Eagle Scout. There was a question that asked, what have you learned form providing leadership? My answer,

Well. Procrastination is a bad thing. And the devil is in the details.

I still vividly remember my advisor nodding and saying “good” when he read that. I guess it’s a lesson that I’m still learning. And I’m okay with that. What is a lesson that you have to learn again and again? Also comment below what should be in the rules of taking college classes.

Peace, Love, and Happiness…