It’s a tired Feeling

an Exhaustion that creeps into your bones

“Get some sleep” they suggest

If only it was that easy,

sometimes turning it off and back on again

Simply doesn’t work.

though it’s not all gloom and doom

retrospect shows more good than bad

there’s always something to smile at

our lives are comprised of moments

yet even the biggest pile of beautiful ones

struggles to offset the emotion of one bad one.


I tell you this

not so you’ll fret

rather that maybe you’ll understand.

To show you the cracks in my facade

my belief is that they’re a beautiful part

of a whole person.

These are my immense and unique flaws


Conclusion —

pick your chin up,

Because we all hurt a little.

and you are definitely not alone

you see we all share the human condition

So Apply the past to the future

know that the good always trumps the bad,

the sun will rise tomorrow,

and that we always continue to Be more

Peace, Love, and Happiness…



Be Still


Sit here and listen with me for awhile. What is there to be heard? From the other side of the hill a cow is lowing. Above the devil’s cross roars across the blue sky. Down here below the wind wisps gently over the hill I’m sitting on, the last few dead leaves rustling in the tree line. There is a crash as a dead limb falls to the ground. A squirrel chatters at me from the brush. And an owl hoots from high up in some tree. In the distance I hear the sound of a tractor as a farmer prepares his field for the spring planting. Then this little song bird lands on the rock beside me calling out. He seems to beckon his comrades home from their winter’s flight. And if you listen carefully on this cool February afternoon, you can hear God at work in his creation. So, what do you hear?

Peace, Love, and Happiness…


Quiet Please

Some days I wish I could just turn it off. Quit analyzing, editing and evaluating. Both as a fledgling writer and the son of two engineers, I never cease to attempt an explanation of my surroundings. I am continually categorizing¬† everything I think, everything I feel, everything I see. Which is great if I’m trying to study something or write about it. But it sure would be nice to turn it off every once and a while, to simply be without all the peripherals. my mind is never silent, it is a constant churning of thoughts, words, and ideas.

As much as I enjoy crafting words I am not certain I could properly explain how it feels. When I lie down to sleep the words continue mulling in my head. I often give in, burning the midnight oil to put these words on paper. It is a strange therapy. Perhaps even a self-perpetuating problem. Though it is a small burden really. What is a little lost sleep or moments spent daydreaming? In all reality I love this hobby of mine with almost as much passion as I give to reading. It feeds my soul and gives life to my silent thoughts.

Peace, Love, and Happiness…


Regarding an Affinity for Stars

I stand here on this crisp winter’s night simply me, my thoughts, and countless stars. may I ask a favor? Allow me to borrow your glow for a short while. There is a burning desire to be a light in the dark. Free from restraints, an honest inspiration for any willing to see it. We are all the same. All formed of the same bits of stardust. Yet we are all so distinct.

Why can we not get along? What is it in you and I that prevents us from truly understanding each other? There is a bond waiting to be formed between everyone of us. If we made an effort to be present, to simply exist, and opened our ears to listen what would we hear? Would we observe the similarities that connect our eccentricities? We would certainly find that we are all congruent, and that we are all varied. Forming a shimmering mat of beauty, billions of individuals coming together as one.


Peace, Love, and Happiness…


Tonite I Wept

For those who pay attention to world affairs, it is a constant struggle to not become cynical of our world. I know I do. To fight this off I remind myself of the individual people involved, and what a close-knit global community we are today. But this comes at a cost. I trade cynicism for heartbreak and confusion. Heartbroken by the pain and confused by the hate.

As I write this the French are reeling from a widespread terrorist attack in Paris. The death toll there is over 150 and likely to climb. Today yet another attack in Israel, with a father and son being shot and killed in front of their home. The Syrian Civil War rages on with not two, not three, but FOUR domestic factions. In the chaos of that conflict far too many have been killed. and how many more homeless? Orphaned? Widowed?

In comparison, the troubles we face at home here in the U.S. do not seem as heavy. Politics are a joke. We get offended at the smallest of things. We lash out at our law enforcement officers, forgetting that they are human beings just like us. We can’t seem to agree about the facts surrounding Planned Parenthood. Even closer to home here in Missouri our flagship university is tearing itself apart due to racial tensions, real and imagined, coming from both sides. And everywhere from the West Bank to Mizzou, from D.C. to the (now dimmed) City of Light we reject open dialogue and lack simple compassion for one another. I could allow myself to become angry at our shortcomings as a human race. Instead I cried a little bit (okay, a lot), and prayed fervently.

So where is the light? Where’s the happy ending to the story? Well, that comes down to you and me. Mr Rogers said that when things got really bad to look for the people who are helping others. Tonight I look for them, and I strive to be one myself. My being in Columbia would not calm events there. I alone cannot stop a civil war that has been going on for four years now. Nor can I comfort the mourning in Paris this night. But I can pray. So I pray for my brothers and sisters throughout the world; that we may learn to speak truth, feel compassion, and above all recognize the value of each person around us. For if we forget that we as individuals are intrinsically good, then we may lose faith in humanity all together. I hold on to that. We are all capable of good.

Peace, Love, and Happiness…


We are not afraid...

We are not afraid…