Rules for Taking College Classes

As promised here is the (unofficial) Rules of Taking College Classes. Compiled from my own experience, but also from a well versed group of said students. Enjoy!

1. Never, ever procrastinate! ever.

–unless it’s saturday night, in which case go have fun

2. Don’t sign up for a class before 9am

–It’s a trap!

3. Do the reading

–Netflix is not actually a priority (even grey’s anatomy)

4. Call your mom

–20min a week is the very least you can do

5. In the event of a presentation, learn to pronunciate

–at least know what you copied+pasted into that slide

6. Don’t. Just Don’t.

–courtesy of my currently overwhelmed nursing friend

7. Set an alarm

–you’re not capable of waking in exactly 10min

8. Sit in the same seat

–don’t be THAT person

9. Or be that person…

–monotony is a killer

10. Strive to join the honor society

–courtesy of my¬†Phi Theta Kappa president

11. Be proactive in doing homework

–you don’t want to miss out on something fun

12. Take time away from academia for yourself

–extracurriculars are great

13. Eat (nourish thine body!)

–stress combined with long classes is already bad enough for you

14. Hydrate before drinking

–of course I’m underage. so, this one is not from personal experience…

15. Learn some sort of shorthand, abbreviation, or whatever

–u tire me ot w/ ur lengthy nt takin

16. Above all, simply go to class!

–There is no substitute for effort