Choices to be made


That is my go-to bible verse for when I’m uncertain about my life. It reminds me that yeah it might have been really rough and it might get worse; but what’s important is that I keep moving forward. God promises that if we love him and seek to imitate his love, then he can do great things through our actions. I can discern all day long, and the act of doing so has its virtues. But God has given me free will and requires that I use it to seek his will. So we all have a choice to make. Do we stand still and wait for life to move us where it will? Or do we take that step in good faith and let God do with it what he will? Recently a friend asked me to pray for her and this is the prayer that leapt to my mind.

Lord God, you have called each one of us to love and to serve you. Be with me now, be my guide as I go about this phase of my life. Please give me the wisdom to know your will, and the courage to do it. Amen

All for the greater glory of God!

Peace, Love, and Happiness…