I am Conservation


Baba Dioum is a powerful name for conservation and agriculture in the country of Senegal. I absolutely love this part of his most quoted speech. It really captures the essence of what every conservation minded organization and individual must do. Both governments and non-profit organizations do a lot of regulation and activism, but ultimately we must carefully teach what is important and why we should care.

Personally, my greatest teacher has been experience. I have been exposed to the outdoors quite a bit in my short life. I have seen the garbage along highways; I have observed the erosion of our waterways; I have heard the wolf cry in the distance; and I have felt the magic of an early morning autumn day. Through simply being outdoors I gradually come to understand it. This understanding is never complete, and for that very reason I come to love the outdoors for everything new it can teach me.

Now this can be applied to any part of life. Whether it be friends, money, music, knowledge, faith, and on, and on. Whatever it is, it all starts with being taught. What are you teaching? What are you learning?

I am in love, I am conservation

Peace, Love, and Happiness…