character development #9

Author’s note: I like to pretend that at some point I could write decent fiction, and so I occasionally dabble in imagining my characters…

There is a man they speak of, a mystery even to himself. He is a paradox. The more you meet him the less you know him. Given a multitude of names, he is many things to many people. A gentleman and a scholar. The warrior and the peacekeeper.aa Sophisticated yet course. Young and old. He is an outspoken hermit. Capable of shattering empires by his words, though rarely uttering a syllable. Terrifying to behold though his heart burns with compassion. Legend pursues him “Immortal!” they accuse him on the battlefield. He the first to correct. “I am entirely a man,” he states. Just trying to live the life he’s been given.

Peace, Love and Happiness…



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