Speak now

I’m trapped within my own humanity. Therefore every experience is personal. It’s true. Though we all try to distance ourselves from our surroundings the thought comes lingering back. I’m here, I exist, I must engage. Far too often we remain silent, a fly on the wall simply watching. What if everyone of us chose to take the next step? Let’s learn to communicate just a little bit more. Share the joy of the good times, and embrace the support through the rough times. We are social creatures, we need this. I tell myself that maybe if I learn to do this someone will see a light. They might just see a way to rise out of the muck of this life. Maybe they’ll see that I’m just like them. That I have joys and sorrows, passions and struggles. That I most always have butterflies in my stomach and that I still find courage to say what I do. If I can inspire but one person and show them why they are meaningful, it will all have been worth it. We are capable of doing so much with our short lives. So I encourage you, Be more.

Peace, Love, and Happiness…



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