Regarding an Affinity for Stars

I stand here on this crisp winter’s night simply me, my thoughts, and countless stars. may I ask a favor? Allow me to borrow your glow for a short while. There is a burning desire to be a light in the dark. Free from restraints, an honest inspiration for any willing to see it. We are all the same. All formed of the same bits of stardust. Yet we are all so distinct.

Why can we not get along? What is it in you and I that prevents us from truly understanding each other? There is a bond waiting to be formed between everyone of us. If we made an effort to be present, to simply exist, and opened our ears to listen what would we hear? Would we observe the similarities that connect our eccentricities? We would certainly find that we are all congruent, and that we are all varied. Forming a shimmering mat of beauty, billions of individuals coming together as one.


Peace, Love, and Happiness…



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