Reasons to Write

I am a writer. This is my blog. Why do we need another blog? Well, WE do not. But Joe does. And if I ever write for anyone but myself or my God then I shall quit. This is my creative outlet. I cannot sing, draw, or play music. But I can write (with varying degrees of success mind you). I am a writer. I may not always be on time. But it is for me, so maybe I always am. Why do I write? It is incredibly freeing to write. To release thoughts on to paper. Some ideas are not fit to be shared. But many need be written, for they are too fragile to be forgotten. I am a writer. I write for the sake of writing. This blog allows me to share these writings before I destroy them with my overthinking. This blog is where my ideas take flight. Would you like to come along?

Peace, Love, and Happiness…




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