I have a love/hate relationship with labels. I enjoy the responsibility that certain labels bring with them, but I fear fitting any stereotypes that inevitably come with said labels. It’s kind of like Taylor Swift not wanting her music to be one genre or another, because people will expect to hear a certain sound. There is freedom in being undefined.

So I do usually distance myself from labels. Despite this I found myself taking a personality test. And when it came back saying that I was INFJ I was kind of doubtful. How can a computer program accurately place me into one of sixteen Myers-Briggs archetypes with only ten minutes of answering questions? But I brought myself here, and curiosity bid me to read further. I would proceed to be shocked as it went on to describe me.

I am Introverted, iNtruistic, Feeling, and Judging (INFJ), a personality that makes up less than one percent of the population. Being introverted I prefer solitude and become exhausted by prolonged social interaction. My intuition leads me to be imaginative and curious. Also, I tend to focus on future possibilities. Feeling describes my empathetic and sensitive self. So introversion and judging were my top two characteristics by far. The judging aspect being the very strongest. Judging is categorized as being decisive, thorough, and highly organized. Valuing predictability and planning. Reading all of this was rather overwhelming and fairly accurate. So I continued reading.

The article described INFJs as having an inbred sense of idealism and morality, creating an entirely altruistic person. We are dreamers, but not idle dreamers. desiring to make a lasting impact. And though we are soft spoken, we have strong opinions (*read: highly decisive and painfully strong willed), and will stand firm for our beliefs. Friends might mistake INFJs for quiet extroverts, but must remember that we are empathetic socializers who need alone time to decompress and recharge. We sometimes react irrationally to criticism, because we see our actions as a full honest effort (kinda thickskulled). And finally, we work to exhaustion, often with no regards towards the ill effects it has on us.

As wary as I am of labels, this was an interesting endeavor. And I am curious to know if my personality may change as life circumstances change. Both my introversion and judging scored very high. But intuition and feeling were closer to the line. It makes you wonder, but I guess only time will tell.

Peace, Love, and Happiness…





  1. Casey Pemberton · October 18, 2015

    I took one and got ENFJ

    • jreink14 · October 18, 2015

      Interesting, so you and I share our altruistic and idealistic traits. But you are sooner to voice anything where as I would mull on it a little longer. Thanks for reading! Here’s a somewhat extensive article on ENFJs
      Peace, Love, and Happiness…

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