Wanderlust to Reality

9c058d3d1d11877fb0a3bc6d6fc0fdadWhere is the line between wanderlust and reality? I simply love a good travel guide. To be able to see and read about far away places makes for a wonderful afternoon (made even better if done while in a hammock). I have a long list of places where I would like to go. Top three cities would be: Paris, France; Munich, Germany; and Rome, Italy. Top three natural places would be: Denali, the Matterhorn, and the slot canyons of Australia. All of these in addition to the hundreds of sights (large and small) to be seen right here in the continental U.S. of A. But I have not seen any of these places nor do I have the means to do so now. And that is where dreams must meet reality.

In reality I am a nineteen year old guy living in the rural heartland of America nowhere even near a mountain. I’m a college student (with very low debt, thank God and parents), without much more than a car and a bare minimum paying job. So how can I possibly turn my dreams into reality?

The answer is careful planning. I will have to save money in order to travel. So a decent job would help. If I’m going to get a better job I need skills and/or knowledge. So I’m going to school, which detracts from saving. Hmm… So I have to prioritize. I do believe that higher education is a worthwhile investment, regardless of what I do with my life. So I will continue with that. Another factor to look at, I am not in the proper physical shape to climb the Matterhorn, I would probably die. Fortunately I can work on that while pursuing my degree and/or working to save money. Finally (*DISCLAIMER* this is not an all encompassing list), I don’t know enough about the places I want to go to. Sure, some things I won’t learn until after I have been there, but other things I can learn now. For instance, Paris, what streets should I avoid, where is the best open air market, how about someplace for a non-touristy traveler to stay? I’ll hit the books, I’ll find those answers.

All of these factors could help me paint a big plan kind of picture. But what about day-to-day life in the present? Well I can use facets of it. Put away what little money I can, study hard in my classes, eat healthier, et cetera. And as in all things in life, we must pray for guidance and choose our path. In the end they’re not dreams, they’re plans.

Peace, Love, and Happiness…




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