Backpacking Equipment

enjoying the view of the St Francois mountains

Enjoying the view of the St Francois mountains.

As promised, I will also be including bits of my outdoor adventures here. This is my current summer backpacking gear list. Very similar to what I packed earlier this summer when I went hiking on the Ozark Trail in southern Missouri (I’ll tell that story at some point).

3-Day Summer Backpacking List

  • Shelter and sleeping          =4lbs2.15oz
  • +Hammock                             =13.5oz
    +Rain fly                                 =13.75oz
    +4 Stakes                               =2.9oz
    +30*F Sleeping bag               =2lb 4oz
  • Water and food gear           =1lb 6.65oz
    +20oz Water bottle (empty)    =.85oz
    +2L Water bladder (empty)    =6.7oz
    +Cook kit (3cup pot, bandana, stove, lighter, stuff sack) =10.65oz
    +16oz Fuel bottle (empty)      =.35oz
    +Sawyer squeeze water filter =3.15oz
    +Medium dry-sack                  =.95oz
  • Clothing (packed)           =1lb 14.05oz
    +T-shirt                              =8oz
    +2pair Poly ankle socks    =2.7oz
    +Bandana                          =.95oz
    +Gym shorts                      =8.45oz
    +2pairs Compression shorts =8oz
    +Knee Brace                      =.85oz
    +Large dry-sack                 =1.1oz
  • Other gear                        =3lbs 10.25oz
    +Penlight                            =2.1oz
    +Map                                  =.75oz
    +Notepad & Pencil              =2.55oz
    +Compass                          =1.65oz
    +Carabiner                         =1.6oz
    +First aid/repair kit              =3.8oz
    +Rain jacket w/stuff sack    =6.6oz
    +20ft Paracord                    =1.3oz
    +REI Flash 45 Backpack     =2lbs 4oz
    +Sunglasses                       =.75oz
    +Penknife                            =1.15oz

Total base weight =11lbs 1.1oz

  • Clothing (worn) =4lbs 1.2oz
    +Zip-off Hiking Pants =14.15oz
    +T-shirt =8oz
    +Compression shorts =4oz
    +Poly Ankle socks =1.35oz
    +Adidas Trail Runners =2lbs 5.7oz
  • Consumables
    +2.5L Water (on average) =5lbs 8oz
    +Food (1lb/day) =3lbs
    +Fuel (usually) =1lb

Base weight =11lbs 1.1oz
Consumables =9lbs 8oz
Pack weight =20lbs 9.1oz
Clothing worn =4lbs 1.2oz

So yeah, very happy with what my kit has evolved into; with a base weight under 12 pounds it is unarguably a lightweight load out. This allows for the potential of me cranking out major miles (though not necessarily). As in all things, there are many equally important factors to backpacking, the gear is just one small part. Nothing can replace being adequately prepared.

Peace, Love, and Happiness…




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