On Humility


Have you ever wondered where life will take you? I have, a lot. At times I have even dared to declare where I will be at certain points in my life. Here’s where humility must come in. You see I find that when I assume that my life will take a certain course and plow on heedless of my surroundings, things rarely follow my strict plan. Often I will get thrown onto a completely different route. And that’s okay, because I am learning to accept it with humility.

That being said, what are we if we do not have hopes and dreams? These are good things, and often we need a set plan in order to reach them. But  we must be aware that there could be better things that we never hoped to dream for, or maybe there is a different way we must take to get to our dreams. The key is humility and openness to the unseen. Right now, that’s my day to day plan.

Peace, Love, and Happiness…



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