The Road I Took

In my very first post I wrote about transferring from my little community college to a full university. I truly thought that that was the form my new beginning was going to take. Yet, after a considerable amount of prayer and several strong nudgings, I have withdrawn from the university. Yeah, that’s right, Joe has turned a new course. Away from my ideal school and the logical next step to my dream career. Why would I do this? For starters for now I still have the goal of someday serving in the National Park Service. But maybe the path there will be a little different than I expected. This decision makes very little sense, yet very importantly, it brings me peace. Though it does bring with it a few concerns, did I make the right choice? Should I have taken the more direct path to my dreams (the one that included earning my bachelor’s asap)? This reminds me of the well known poem by Robert Frost:


It’s hard to describe just how much I’ve always loved this poem. One of those beautiful writings that every person can say it was written for them. Frost illustrates a valid point with all of us. That we can never know what our other choices could have brought. And as several people have told me recently, it does no good to look back and wonder; for we are always beginning, and we must look ahead to see where this road is taking us.

Peace, Love, and Happiness…



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