Trial and Error


How do we come about a good idea?

They don’t seem to rain from the sky; they rarely appear carved in stone, nor have I ever had one mailed to my doorstep. No it is my observation that new ideas come from courageous souls who are willing to question the norm Some people don’t like the way that I face problems. You see, I’ll start with the idea that no one else wants to acknowledge and run with it. Often I risk appearing the fool (I usually am), but it’s more of a fundamental thing for me.

In everything, I prefer trial and error over easier ways. I refuse to be one of those people who do things simply because that is what’s expected. I will fail and I will grow. Because I seek my unique purpose in all that I do. Someday, when I’m long gone, I hope that they remember me for more than what I did or didn’t do. Maybe they’ll say that Joe made an impact by being himself.

Peace, Love, and Happiness…



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