A New Chapter

I’m moving in exactly a week. After a year at a community college I’ve transferred to a full university. Which means that I’m moving away from home, finally leaving the nest. It is always bittersweet to step out of your comfort zone; but like all beginnings this one has its own sense of hopefulness.


There’s a lot of packing involved with moving. And when I began the process I had no idea how much clutter had accumulated in my life. Realizing that I had twice as many clothes than I ever wore, and knick-knacks that I couldn’t remember why I had ever held on to them. There were also practical items that I was happy to find, and keepsakes that bring out the best memories.

It dawned on me that I could declutter my life in other ways also. When I start sifting and sorting what emotional baggage will I find? What forgotten sins can I throw out? What happy memories and beautiful traits will I recall? I think I shall keep striving towards the evermore decluttered life. Who knows what will turn up?

Peace, Love, and Happiness…



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