free writing for better writing pt 1

Authors note: this is the first part of a series of free writing pieces I’ve been working on to improve my articulation and hopefully be able to create fictional characters infused with my personality. All of these posts will be typed using first draft, including possible poor punctuation and random capitalization. It’s a process.

I dream of being a senior park ranger at a remote national park outpost. To get there I need a bachelor’s degree, Federal agent training, and an EMT license. And above all, experience. I strive to build a resume that will stand out above the rest. Everything comes at a cost though. First of all it costs home I will not find my dream job here in missouri. And pursuing my dream will most likely require moving regularly. It will also cost time. no one attains my dream position straight out of college, it often takes 8-10 yrs to be hired as a senior ranger. It costs money and energy. I have to earn my degree while simultaneously attaining several certificates and balancing a part-time job and volunteer work (again resume building). This all takes energy that I cant use for leisure, friends family. I will lose contact with some of those friends, through my neglect. The lack of Leisure time may very well cost my sanity. These costs must be weighed to determine the appropriateness of my ambitions. and these ambitions may change I’m young and this life is an adventure im taking. It’ll be fun

Rules for Taking College Classes

As promised here is the (unofficial) Rules of Taking College Classes. Compiled from my own experience, but also from a well versed group of said students. Enjoy!

1. Never, ever procrastinate! ever.

–unless it’s saturday night, in which case go have fun

2. Don’t sign up for a class before 9am

–It’s a trap!

3. Do the reading

–Netflix is not actually a priority (even grey’s anatomy)

4. Call your mom

–20min a week is the very least you can do

5. In the event of a presentation, learn to pronunciate

–at least know what you copied+pasted into that slide

6. Don’t. Just Don’t.

–courtesy of my currently overwhelmed nursing friend

7. Set an alarm

–you’re not capable of waking in exactly 10min

8. Sit in the same seat

–don’t be THAT person

9. Or be that person…

–monotony is a killer

10. Strive to join the honor society

–courtesy of my¬†Phi Theta Kappa president

11. Be proactive in doing homework

–you don’t want to miss out on something fun

12. Take time away from academia for yourself

–extracurriculars are great

13. Eat (nourish thine body!)

–stress combined with long classes is already bad enough for you

14. Hydrate before drinking

–of course I’m underage. so, this one is not from personal experience…

15. Learn some sort of shorthand, abbreviation, or whatever

–u tire me ot w/ ur lengthy nt takin

16. Above all, simply go to class!

–There is no substitute for effort


Viva Cristo Rey!


“…Jesus Christ, the faithful witness, the firstborn of the dead and ruler of the kings of the earth. To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood, who has made us into a kingdom, priests for his God and Father, to him be glory and power forever. Amen.” Revelation 1:5-6

On this feast of Christ the King I thought I’d take a moment and discuss my blog’s name. You see kingsman is not a pop culture reference, but rather a dedication and a realization. A dedication that everything I write be for the greater glory of God our father through Christ Jesus his son. And a realization that I we are called to share in Christ’s role as Priest, Prophet, and King.

Priest. We are called to, like Christ, sacrifice ourselves to the father. We as christians are to be mediators, bridges between God and our fellow man. Prophet. We are called to be messengers of truth sent by God. We are witnesses to the glory of God. How could we possibly be silent? King. A king is an authority. We are called to be authorities on morality and holiness. We must bear in mind that Christ our King ascended to his rightful place by suffering on the cross. Through our suffering may we be united with him and each other.

With everything I write, I seek to fulfill my part of this threefold mission of Christ my King. For I am the King’s man.

Peace, Love, and Happiness…



Choices to be made


That is my go-to bible verse for when I’m uncertain about my life. It reminds me that yeah it might have been really rough and it might get worse; but what’s important is that I keep moving forward. God promises that if we love him and seek to imitate his love, then he can do great things through our actions. I can discern all day long, and the act of doing so has its virtues. But God has given me free will and requires that I use it to seek his will. So we all have a choice to make. Do we stand still and wait for life to move us where it will? Or do we take that step in good faith and let God do with it what he will? Recently a friend asked me to pray for her and this is the prayer that leapt to my mind.

Lord God, you have called each one of us to love and to serve you. Be with me now, be my guide as I go about this phase of my life. Please give me the wisdom to know your will, and the courage to do it. Amen

All for the greater glory of God!

Peace, Love, and Happiness…



Life exists as a wild rollercoaster.

This we have experienced.

It is also deeply poetic.

we hear music in our days, and find rhythm in routine

Yes, there is darkness.

Regardless we choose to see the light in each person

To experience the hope that exists.

Therefore we will set truth free.

In doing so, we choose to not be coddled,

but rather tested in our beliefs

indeed they will hate us and despise us

Even so, we will return with love,

We will be counter-cultural,

We will fight for real love,

We will reject the conventional,

We are renegades!


Peace, Love, and Happiness…



Tonite I Wept

For those who pay attention to world affairs, it is a constant struggle to not become cynical of our world. I know I do. To fight this off I remind myself of the individual people involved, and what a close-knit global community we are today. But this comes at a cost. I trade cynicism for heartbreak and confusion. Heartbroken by the pain and confused by the hate.

As I write this the French are reeling from a widespread terrorist attack in Paris. The death toll there is over 150 and likely to climb. Today yet another attack in Israel, with a father and son being shot and killed in front of their home. The Syrian Civil War rages on with not two, not three, but FOUR domestic factions. In the chaos of that conflict far too many have been killed. and how many more homeless? Orphaned? Widowed?

In comparison, the troubles we face at home here in the U.S. do not seem as heavy. Politics are a joke. We get offended at the smallest of things. We lash out at our law enforcement officers, forgetting that they are human beings just like us. We can’t seem to agree about the facts surrounding Planned Parenthood. Even closer to home here in Missouri our flagship university is tearing itself apart due to racial tensions, real and imagined, coming from both sides. And everywhere from the West Bank to Mizzou, from D.C. to the (now dimmed) City of Light we reject open dialogue and lack simple compassion for one another. I could allow myself to become angry at our shortcomings as a human race. Instead I cried a little bit (okay, a lot), and prayed fervently.

So where is the light? Where’s the happy ending to the story? Well, that comes down to you and me. Mr Rogers said that when things got really bad to look for the people who are helping others. Tonight I look for them, and I strive to be one myself. My being in Columbia would not calm events there. I alone cannot stop a civil war that has been going on for four years now. Nor can I comfort the mourning in Paris this night. But I can pray. So I pray for my brothers and sisters throughout the world; that we may learn to speak truth, feel compassion, and above all recognize the value of each person around us. For if we forget that we as individuals are intrinsically good, then we may lose faith in humanity all together. I hold on to that. We are all capable of good.

Peace, Love, and Happiness…


We are not afraid...
We are not afraid…

Speaking of Procrastination

an empty list
an empty list

So I was sitting in class a few weeks ago and had a brilliant idea for a quick blog post. That was when I jotted down what you see above. But of course I realized that I should probably pay attention to what my instructor was saying. Hilariously enough I promptly forgot about this little post buried a few pages deep in my notes. That is until I was sitting at my desk the other night writing and talking to my brother. And when I found my unfinished list we just laughed. In reality #1 on that list probably would have been “never, ever procrastinate.” It might just be me, but I find humor in these musings of life.

It reminded me of when I was almost finished with the paperwork for Eagle Scout. There was a question that asked, what have you learned form providing leadership? My answer,

Well. Procrastination is a bad thing. And the devil is in the details.

I still vividly remember my advisor nodding and saying “good” when he read that. I guess it’s a lesson that I’m still learning. And I’m okay with that. What is a lesson that you have to learn again and again? Also comment below what should be in the rules of taking college classes.

Peace, Love, and Happiness…



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