moments in Time

I feel the wheels spin violently. I let off the pedal but it’s too late, my little car breaks loose and goes careening towards the ditch. I see the culvert loom in front of me and try to not tense up though I struggle to produce even one clear thought.

Bam!… Boom! Oh God, a fence.

The car slides to a stop, I throw it in park, unclip my seatbelt, and take off running. I make it more than ten feet before my mind catches up. Finally years of training kick in and I’m able to control my adrenaline forcing my body to slow down and not flee.

It’s funny how our perception of time can become skewed. These moments felt like a lifetime. Though in retrospect I realize that it was a mere matter of seconds. Time does not change, but in moments like this we do. So I ask you, what will you do with your beautiful allotment of time?

Peace, Love, and Happiness…


Quiet Please

Some days I wish I could just turn it off. Quit analyzing, editing and evaluating. Both as a fledgling writer and the son of two engineers, I never cease to attempt an explanation of my surroundings. I am continually categorizing¬† everything I think, everything I feel, everything I see. Which is great if I’m trying to study something or write about it. But it sure would be nice to turn it off every once and a while, to simply be without all the peripherals. my mind is never silent, it is a constant churning of thoughts, words, and ideas.

As much as I enjoy crafting words I am not certain I could properly explain how it feels. When I lie down to sleep the words continue mulling in my head. I often give in, burning the midnight oil to put these words on paper. It is a strange therapy. Perhaps even a self-perpetuating problem. Though it is a small burden really. What is a little lost sleep or moments spent daydreaming? In all reality I love this hobby of mine with almost as much passion as I give to reading. It feeds my soul and gives life to my silent thoughts.

Peace, Love, and Happiness…


Regarding an Affinity for Stars

I stand here on this crisp winter’s night simply me, my thoughts, and countless stars. may I ask a favor? Allow me to borrow your glow for a short while. There is a burning desire to be a light in the dark. Free from restraints, an honest inspiration for any willing to see it. We are all the same. All formed of the same bits of stardust. Yet we are all so distinct.

Why can we not get along? What is it in you and I that prevents us from truly understanding each other? There is a bond waiting to be formed between everyone of us. If we made an effort to be present, to simply exist, and opened our ears to listen what would we hear? Would we observe the similarities that connect our eccentricities? We would certainly find that we are all congruent, and that we are all varied. Forming a shimmering mat of beauty, billions of individuals coming together as one.


Peace, Love, and Happiness…


free writing for better writing pt2

author’s note: this continues the series where I take a free writing prompt and present it to you in it’s rough form. this is all in the effort to create characters for my fiction work.

A Perfect Day

deep breath. Smell that? it’s a warm spring morning and there was a thunderstorm last nite. I see the leaves dripping, the winding dirt path is slightly muddy, all around there is a surreal glow as the may sun hits the foliage, and crashing though my thoughts is the sound of countless song birds beckoning to each other. As I shoulder my pack I smile at my friend. Let’s do this.

we begin down the trail turning the bend and losing sight of the car. Our goal today is to reach the overlook, to see for miles. But that doesn’t really matter, does it? What I’m doing, where I’m at, and the time of the year are all second rate to who I’m with. What makes it a perfect day is spending time with a friend. It’s about catching up, laughter, discussing life, and meaningless shit. That’s what brings me to life more than anything else.

Peace, Love, and Happiness…


Discord & Harmony

We must strive to Be more

to give more than the minimum effort

We find that just “Good enough”

is far from satisfactory.

Discord and outrage dwell among us

We yell, we fight, we forgive,

and then we repeat.

This human condition

is not Fatal

Though it requires our full effort

in order to combat it

we must strive to Be more

to rise above who we were

Our only competitor is ourself

and yet, friends often come to our aid.

Together we improve each other,

our very own Band of Brothers

we must strive to Be more

to be inspired by those around us

There is harmony to be learned.

I see inspiration everywhere

everywhere a story to be told

If only we listened

If only we chose to Be more


Peace, Love, and Happiness…


Common Ground

We are all looking for something, and everyone one of us shares the same call to holiness. So where do we find the common thread in our own pursuits? First let’s establish one of the most basic things we already have in common, our humanity. We also share an eternal soul that out lasts even our human condition. Those two traits intersect at our greatest common ground, Christ. You see Jesus Christ stepped off his throne and became a man like us. We call it Christmas.

Think about that first Christmas. Those who were there did not stop to question what was politically correct. No they didn’t. Instead angels, kings, and shepherds gathered to pay homage to the savior of the universe. To glimpse our bridge to eternity born in a lowly stable. What if we all acknowledged Christ in each other? What if we found our common ground between all of us? What would the world be like?

We are given a tremendous opportunity in the Eucharist. To see and adore the physical presence of our God become man. He becomes one of us again, and again, and again. When the priest says those sacred words we become witnesses to the incarnation just as the angels, and those kings, and the shepherds were on that first Christmas. Go to mass. Join in communion with Christ. O come, let us adore Christ, our savior, present in the most Blessed Sacrament. I promise in this common ground you’ll find what you’re looking for. Merry Christmas.

Peace, Love, and Happiness…



Merry Christmas!

I write these words out, and you can only assume that I mean them. But have you noticed the power words have when spoken? When you hear someone say something you can know fairly well what they mean.

I’m the kind of guy who typically says merry Christmas this time of year, but I’m not offended if you say something else. “Blessed Advent,” “Happy Hannukah,” “Joyous Kwanzaa,” seasons greetings,” “Happy Holidays,” etc., etc. Here’s the point, what you say does not matter as much as what you mean.

As I was leaving a small store earlier today the gal chimed after me “Happy Holidays” I automatically replied my thanks and left, it felt hollow. Similarly I had the college instructor who told us to have a great weekend; but it was empty, acting only as a dismissal. Then there was my classmate who, after talking in the hallway for five minutes or so, saw the time and had to go. As she rushed off she told me to have a great day, and I couldn’t help but smile. Somehow you can tell when someone genuinely means it like she did. I don’t know how to explain it any better, and I’m not sure where I’m going with this. I guess just next time you interact with another human being, be genuine. Don’t pretend. Those around you can tell, and will appreciate it. Gaudate!

Peace, Love, and Happiness…




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